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What an Upset – Market Update

What a month November turned out to be. I watched in disbelief as the numbers piled up. The momentum seemed to flow back and forth as tension mounted. Excitement, anxiety
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Rate Hikes Should Happen

Deeper Dive into the Federal Reserve and Rate Hikes Watching my kids ride a bike for the first time now ranks among my proudest moments as a dad. There was
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Third Quarter Market Update

Let me be clear, the economy is not the market! You can have slow economies and wonderful market returns or great economic times and sub par investment returns. Investments in
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What is Your True Risk?

Investment Risk or Outcome Uncertainty ?? Understanding the difference between risk and uncertainty will be the key determinant to your success as an investor and possibly your success in life!
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Second Quarter Market Update

Second quarter continued strong movement upward with the Wilshire 5000 moving forward 2.42% against the continued backdrop of global and interest rate uncertainty. For the year (1-1-2016 to 7-1-2016), the
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The British are Leaving!

In a shocking vote early this morning, the British people have voted for their economic sovereignty. As a result, Britain will begin its exit from the European Union, a bloc
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The Bucket Approach to Investing

Evergreen Wealth advocates a “bucket approach” for asset management. We utilize 3 main buckets based on your future cash flow needs. Short term (1-5 years), Medium term (5-10 years), Long
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