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Demographic Dilemma

It’s no secret that the demographic profile of the United States is growing older at a rapid pace. While the U.S. population is projected to grow just 8% between 2015
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Harvesting Dividend Income

Harvesting Consistent Yields from Dividend Stocks Over the last 50 years, dividends have provided nearly half of the stock market’s returns on investment (ROI). The performance of the S&P 500
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Q2 2017 Market Update

Good Times Continue Happy summer to everyone! Hard to believe, but we are a mere month away from kids starting to return to school. I have heard it said before,
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Fed Raises Rates Again

The Federal Reserve raised rates another quarter percentage point on Wednesday, June 14th. Without fail, many news outlets and media have started the conversation around monetary policy (The Federal Reserve)
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Lessons from my Career

There are certain investing fundamentals that will never go away and no matter the environment we find ourselves, these fundamentals will always shine through. It has been a bit of
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Too Big to Fail?

“Too Big to Fail” was a term we heard countless times in the aftermath of the 2008 market collapse. But what does it really mean and what lessons should we
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Q1 2017 Market Update

Happy spring season to everyone! It may not feel like it just yet but the first day of spring was March 20th. All winter my kids seem to build energy
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2016 Market Summary

What a year 2016 turned out to be! From hitting 3 year market lows in February to a powerful rebound and rally to new highs by year-end. The market reminded
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What an Upset – Market Update

What a month November turned out to be. I watched in disbelief as the numbers piled up. The momentum seemed to flow back and forth as tension mounted. Excitement, anxiety
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