Wealth Planning Made to Endure
Wealth Planning Made to Endure

Evergreen Wealth Management is a highly customized boutique investment advisory company.

Our advisors work with a select group of clients to offer a high level of service and planning per client. Having great advisors feeds our investment management team to focus all their time on researching and understanding investment opportunities at a deep level. Subscribe to our email list.

Our objective is to identify your desired outcomes:  retirement, income, growth, and create a custom plan to achieve the outcome.  

We believe that a common-sense plan combined with high-level asset management will greatly reduce a family’s financial complexity and allow sustainable lifetime results and greater peace of mind.  Removing complexity, giving you confidence and becoming your trusted advisor in all things financial is our number one goal.

Planning Philosophy

We view financial planning as a lifetime journey rather than a single action.  No document or turnkey solution will ever solve the complexity of achieving your personalized goals.  Your specific desired outcomes are what matters to us.  

We choose to focus on getting to know your story well first and then work to customize proper solutions to your lifetime plan.  Your desired outcomes will change, and we aim to create a flexible and ongoing relationship with continual planning and advice that match your objectives.  

We focus on a higher amount of smaller, tangible conversations that help us uncover what you truly need rather than a 50-page document that becomes outdated almost as soon as you leave the office.  We desire to work with a select group of clients that value a deeper relationship, higher customization and ongoing planning.  In short, we aim to become your trusted advisor and steward your planning journey so you can live more simply with a greater peace of mind.  

“An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.”

- Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor