Take Time to Care


In our business it is easy to overlook one of our fundamental values to clients and our team. I do it quite often and need reminded daily.

We are in the business of Caring.

In fact, all businesses are in this same boat but execute in different and creative ways. However you show care; client appreciation events, extra meetings, calls, taking time to listen to stories, etc. Increasing your Care will be a win!

Take some time and reflect on this amazing blog post by Seth Godin about Care:

Caring is free – Seth Godin

In the short run, of course, not caring can save you some money.

Don’t bother making the facilities quite so clean. Save time and hassle and let the display get a little messy. Don’t worry so much about one particular customer, because you’re busy and hiring more people takes time and money.

But in the long run, caring pays for itself.

Caring is expensive, but it also generates loyalty and word of mouth.

In the long run, an organization that puts in extra effort gets rewarded.

Not to mention that caring makes us all more human. Worth it.

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